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Bouzón   Muxó 

Orestes Bouzón and Gina Muxó Ramos have an amazing friendship and working relationship. During a conversation on how similar both artists are, they discussed creating  a collaboration that would merge the best of their techniques and ideas.

In the midst of discussing ideas for the series, it was revealed that they also shared the origins of their names. They share the distinct characteristics of an accent on the ó of their last names which can be traced to Europe. Specifically Spain, France, Italy, the Island of Malta and in Brazil, South America. They found that these countries all share one thing in common, Carnivals.

This was the catalyst that gave birth to the series of original paintings "CARNAVALE". Below are the original tryptic showing the transition & evolution of the series. The series is unique because both Orestes and Gina combine their talents working on each piece together at the same time. This trust between artists is not common. The response has been overwhelming for both art enthusiast and collectors. Below are the first three original paintings for "CARNAVALE".  

Arlequin        36x60 (Certificate Creat
The Empress      36x60_edited.jpg
The Countess1     36x60_edited.jpg
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