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Bouzón ∞  Muxó  :

Gina Muxó Ramos is a self-taught artist who lives in Miami, Florida, and currently works alongside Orestes Bouzon, an artist who studied at the Academy of Art San Alejandro in Cuba. Gina and Orestes met via the art scene. They quickly became friends and decided to create a series together. The Bouzón ∞ Muxó collaboration between these two artists was subsequently named “Carnavale”.

Gina and Orestes, nationally established and widely exhibited artists, are inspired by the joyous masquerades and carnavals of the world. Together, Orestes and Gina mix acrylics and oils to create abstract blends of reality and fantasy. Prior to beginning each piece of artwork Gina and Orestes discuss image, color, what they want the painting to portray, and its relevance to its surroundings. “Our joint series ‘Carnavale’ is an intense marriage of mediums and technique with extreme attention to detail,” Gina explained. “Careful attention was taken to each detail and how the colors contrast one another and flow within each other.”

Gina and Orestes are both inspired by color and enjoy creating positive, joyful, artwork. 

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